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Make Collaborating with Colleagues Easier!

November 20, 2020 Published by

Make Collaborating with Colleagues easier! Transitioning to working from home introduces new challenges. Collaborating with co-workers is quite a bit different. You can’t just walk over to Suzie’s office to get help or that missing document. Most companies have started using some sort of digital file sharing, whether it be One-Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox or simply emailing attachments back and forth. While those services work in a basic form, there is a better way! Companies using DocuWare are able to quickly store documents from multiple sources (email, download, etc.) without having to spend much time identifying or placing the document... View Article

How Konica Minolta Offers Unbeatable Customer Experience & Satisfaction

July 13, 2017 Published by

Konica Minolta has been the top multifunction printer in Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index® for 10 consecutive years. This type of brand loyalty has propelled the company to the top of the printer service industry. This index says a lot about Konica Minolta’s commitment to not only producing high-quality printers, but displaying elite commitment to their customers. By enhancing every customer experience and proactively communicating with customers regularly, this trend seems to be at the forefront of Konica Minolta’s business strategy. Today’s customers want interactions that are easy, fast and reliable. MyKMBS, Konica Minolta’s virtual, self-service mobile app, delivers... View Article

Adding Attachments to Stored Documents – New Mobile Feature

June 27, 2017 Published by

DocuWare has recently released a new feature on DocuWare Mobile that helps with adding attachments to stored documents. This handy basket feature is now available on your smartphone. Even when you don’t have access to your office, DocuWare Mobile gives you the full range of possibilities to work with your documents and also being able to quickly move through related processes. With the latest version, you can now also attach scanned documents or photos from a mobile phone camera to documents that are already in your file cabinet. This means that colleagues who work in the field are always traveling... View Article

Use Automated Document Management as a Competitive Advantage

June 14, 2017 Published by

Automated document processing can provide a company with many advantages over its competitors. Successfully automating document capture and processing systems can provide benefits in many key areas; including increased productivity and higher quality customer service. By solving the problems related to workload volume and processing efficiency, the automated document management process provides faster service without the risk of decreased quality or security. Scanned files can also be placed in the desktop as electronic PDFs for easy editing and collaboration. Applied to the most common documents, automated workflow enables the document type to be determined at the MFP with pre-sets for... View Article

DocuWare Distributes Pay Stubs Digitally

May 15, 2017 Published by

As businesses roll through the fiscal year, there are familiar costs that consistently arise. Common expenditures, such as mailing and printing, can eat away at a company’s profits. Payroll documents are also a habitual business expense. DocuWare has innovated by making pay stubs available digitally; saving paper, time and resources. This new development enables you to create the content documents in the ERP or payroll system of your choice. DocuWare then sorts the statements and places them into the individual digital personnel file of each employee. DocuWare can take over the distribution even if you handle your payroll accounting externally... View Article

Konica Minolta Puts Universal Accessibility at the Forefront

May 4, 2017 Published by

Konica Minolta is dedicated to helping every worker be productive, regardless of physical limitations. They focus on building user accessibility into every product created. From vision to product launch, products are developed from the ground up with universal design in mind. This means accessibility for anyone, regardless of age, gender, stature or special need. For years, Konica Minolta designed products that are easy to reach, simple to control, and logical in design and convenience. Their usability has been tested with senior citizens and people who are wheelchair-enabled and vision-impaired. Konica Minolta is committed to complying with the federal government technical... View Article

DocuWare Cloud Gets SOC 2® Certification

October 11, 2016 Published by

As of August 15, 2016, DocuWare has earned the SOC 2 Type 1 certification for DocuWare Cloud. SOC 2® report gives full transparency into DocuWare’s industry-leading controls and procedures that ensure the security and availability of DocuWare Cloud. Every aspect of DocuWare Cloud meets rigorous standards and is guaranteed satisfaction and security. AICPA defines the Security Trust Principle as “The system is protected against unauthorized access, use, or modification”. To ensure this there are 7 general categories of criteria a service organization must adhere to: Organization and management Communications Risk management and design and implementation of controls Monitoring of controls... View Article