PROject PROvide

PROject PROvide
The CopyPro Volunteer Program

On March 1, 2019, CopyPro Inc. began a volunteer time-off policy called PROject PROvide!

The goals of this program are to:

How PROject PROvide Works

PROject PROvide creates community engagement opportunities for employees that are meaningful, purposeful and helps those in need. At the same time, CopyPro, Inc. recognizes that participating in these activities will also enrich and inspire the lives of our employees. Employees can volunteer with a nonprofit and will be paid at their normal rate for up to 12 hours a year.

CopyPro will also donate 1% of profits annually to charitable organizations. We do this through financial means as well as donation of equipment and vehicles.

PROject PROvide Examples: