Total Customer Satisfaction

Business professionals must be able to depend on a quick response from their office systems company whenever a need arises. CopyPro’s fast, responsive service department eases one more worry from the minds of professionals who depend on us. Today’s market of quick communication and deadlines demands no less. We stay ahead of technology to help our customers make informed decisions as well as support them after the sale. CopyPro offers all the latest office solutions from digital printers to computer networking and electronic filing.

How does CopyPro achieve TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION? Dedicated territories include a Field Service Supervisor, Team Leader, Technicians, and a Dispatcher. This allows our technical staff to develop a close professional relationship with their customers in order to streamline the service request. CopyPro’s Service Team consists of 32 Vendor Factory-Trained Technicians with over 350 years combined service experience. Our Service Administrative staff of 10 has over 80 years of experience with administration and billing.

We employ an on-staff Technical Dispatcher who works with customers to resolve service issues over the phone, which enables our customers to have more “up” time. Our IT staff, with their years of experience and specialized training, know how to bridge the gap between your office and your multifunctional equipment.

Our CRM system allows CopyPro to track the following information daily:

Service history is maintained in order to review the performance of a machine for such information as volume, copies between service as well as days between service calls. This information helps us understand machine performance and technician performance to ensure customer satisfaction.

Service calls are answered by a live dispatcher versus a canned automated answering device. The dispatcher will assign a confirmation number as verification that the call for service was logged and a technician has been assigned to the service call.

Customers have the ability to place service requests and give meter readings after hours by calling our toll-free number or through our website contact forms. Confirmation will be emailed or faxed to you upon request.

Technicians receive calls in real time via Automated Dispatch Notification through cell phone text messages. This allows our technicians to call our customers if needed. The system also allows our technicians to monitor their territory to determine the priority of service calls.

CopyPro has received numerous awards that are a testament to our commitment to customer service. We have been the recipient of the Konica Minolta “Pro-Tech Service Award” for 21 years and the Ricoh Savin “Circle of Excellence” for five. We have won these awards consecutively since their inception.