Adding Attachments to Stored Documents – New Mobile Feature

June 27, 2017 | Published by

DocuWare has recently released a new feature on DocuWare Mobile that helps with adding attachments to stored documents. This handy basket feature is now available on your smartphone.

Even when you don’t have access to your office, DocuWare Mobile gives you the full range of possibilities to work with your documents and also being able to quickly move through related processes. With the latest version, you can now also attach scanned documents or photos from a mobile phone camera to documents that are already in your file cabinet. This means that colleagues who work in the field are always traveling can be better integrated in workflows.

For example, if a construction site manager receives an email notification on a smartphone that an invoice needs to be authorized for payment,  he or she can click a link in the email and open the invoice in the DocuWare app. He or she can then compare the items in the invoice with those on the delivery slip, which can be received together at the construction site. The delivery is then scanned with PaperScan and is attached to the invoice, as a receipt and proof for the goods received. By clicking on “approved,” the process can be completed. The colleagues at the office can see the approved invoice and can benefit from an early payment discount thanks to the quick turnaround. This entire process was made easier and more efficient with the new attachment mobile feature, and done with a few taps of the finger.

This new function in DocuWare Mobile is quite helpful even if an invoice is rejected. If a delivery is damaged, for example, a site manager can immediately snap photos with his phone camera. When the corresponding invoice reaches him as part of the approval, he can select the photos from his picture gallery and attach them to the archived invoice. Now it’s simple to see and communicate why items have been rejected.

This new development speeds up workflow and modernizes document storage. DocuWare is always working to be at the forefront of technological innovation.