Document Management

How much are you spending on your documents? Let CopyPro increase your profits by showing you how to implement affordable document management solutions. 

We provide simple document solutions that let you securely and efficiently share files with coworkers and control document processes. Store, capture, manage, and share electronic files and scanned paper documents. It’s simple. It’s cost-effective. And, it’s “green.”

We’ve partnered with the best companies in document management technologies. Their products combined with our certified specialists are sure to make your document management processes more efficient, reliable, and safe.

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Below are the types of Document Management CopyPro offers: 

Document Capture

CopyPro can help you create an electronic document archive for all your business documents which you can access anytime, anywhere from the convenience of your computer. You can consolidate both paper and electronic documents and store them online in your secure account.


  • Drag and drop electronic documents and files to your online account from your computer
  • Reduce the expense and inefficiencies of storing and retrieving paper documents from filing cabinets
  • Variety of scanning options including scanning paper documents using compatible MFPs and securely uploading digital files to your account
  • Scanned paper documents can be properly indexed and automatically stored for easy search and retrieval using a bar-code cover sheet
  • Download documents whenever you need them by logging into your CopyPro account
  • Easy to control who has access to information and what they can do with the files
  • Email files from your account to others or send links to download (no attachments)
  • Automatically archive incoming faxes as PDF files in your account
  • Schedule automatic batch upload of files and whole folders from local drives to create an off-site backup for business continuity
  • Option to have all files in your account exported on DVD for additional redundancy

Document Processing

CopyPro can provide you with a robust document management solution. Our software provides powerful document management features in an easy to deploy and cost-effective, on-demand solution.

This solution can be used by just a few people or to manage documents across the enterprise. No matter what type of documents you have to manage, CopyPro lets you streamline your business processes and work simply.


  • Store and manage both paper and electronic documents and files
  • Variety of scanning options including scanning documents using compatible MFPs and securely uploading to your account
  • Scanned paper documents can be properly indexed and automatically stored for easy search and retrieval using a bar-code cover sheet
  • Automatic optical character recognition (OCR) enables full text search of information in scanned paper documents
  • Create customized “document types” that allow you to categorize documents in a way that is relevant to your business and use the information to quickly retrieve documents
  • Advanced searching allows you to narrow your results to locate the exact documents in seconds
  • Version documents, check-in/check-out for editing
  • High-volume paper document indexing and upload options
  • Compatibility with third-party document capture (indexing) software
  • Administrators can establish and manage users, groups, and document permissions so the right people have access
  • Auditing capabilities produce detailed records (audit trail) on each document as well as the entire account

Document Routing

You can use the CopyPro document management solution as a central, secure means of electronically distributing documents and files to people inside and outside the corporate firewall. Branch offices, mobile and remote workers, vendors, partners, or anyone you authorize can access your account to get the information they need. Because you are able to set permissions at the Cabinet, Folder, or Document level, you can control who accesses information and whether they can only view files or if they can make changes and add documents.


  • Eliminate the time to copy, package, and ship documents
  • Save on overnight delivery costs by scanning paper documents into the system
  • Quicker access to information
  • Get accurate and consistent data through a centralized distribution point
  • Reliable alternative to sending large attachments through corporate email
  • Email files from your account or send links to download (no attachments)
  • Receive email notifications when there is a change to a document or folder
  • Detailed audit reports provide a history of transactions of any document in your account


  • Forms, contract templates, price sheets
  • Presentations, catalogs, sales literature, logo files
  • Technical manuals, data sheets
  • Legal documents (for access by counsel)
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly sales, inventory or shipping report

Cost Accounting

CopyPro’s document management solution allows you to automatically enter financial data from purchase orders, invoices, receipts, and other documents. Our cost accounting solution can perform all functions that a manual system does, but calculations are done automatically and therefore the process goes much faster. 


  • Greatly reduces data entry errors
  • Allows you to keep better track of expenses and other financial information


Disaster Readiness

CopyPro’s document management solution provides many company-wide benefits in terms of operational efficiency, it also provides one major benefit–disaster protection.

Paper documents residing in filing cabinets are easily lost, damaged, and difficult to replace. In addition, data residing on mobile computers is susceptible to hard-drive failures as well as theft, and even network systems that are backed up on a regular basis can be damaged by any number of natural and man-made disasters. Small to medium sized businesses are particularly vulnerable as many lack the necessary capital or IT resources to implement the necessary safeguards. We provide unsurpassed disaster protection for your critical business documents. It’s an affordable solution that is plays a key role in business continuity planning and helps companies minimize data and productivity losses.


  • Integration with multifunctional devices from Ricoh and Konica Minolta make converting paper documents as easy as making a copy
  • Protect documents residing on mobile computers on a weekly basis to guard against hard-drive failures and theft
  • Business critical documents are stored off-site in a secure data center where they are safe from anything that could impact your business and remotely accessible so business can continue, even if your facilities are not accessible

Go Green

CopyPro’s document management solution allows you to monitor and manage printing as well as copying in your organization, giving you control over your costs and environmental impact. Our software can be setup to intercept print jobs at the server, analyzes them, and applies rules to enforce your print policy.


  • Customizable internal print polices
  • Protect confidential documents and reduce waste by utilizing Find me printing/Secure print release
  • Monitor and report usage down to the user, department, and device level