DocuWare Distributes Pay Stubs Digitally

May 15, 2017 | Published by

As businesses roll through the fiscal year, there are familiar costs that consistently arise. Common expenditures, such as mailing and printing, can eat away at a company’s profits. Payroll documents are also a habitual business expense. DocuWare has innovated by making pay stubs available digitally; saving paper, time and resources.

This new development enables you to create the content documents in the ERP or payroll system of your choice. DocuWare then sorts the statements and places them into the individual digital personnel file of each employee. DocuWare can take over the distribution even if you handle your payroll accounting externally due to its ability to combine with Any ERP and Payroll Program.

DocuWare gives you two options when it comes to this:

  1. DocuWare printer can be directly integrated into any payroll software. Each paystub is then simply sorted into each employee personnel file by print order.
  2. Via DocuWare Import: For this, you export a PDF from the ERP with all employee statements. This PDF is then moved into a specially configured import folder. After that the storage process runs by itself: DocuWare Import recognizes every statement from the PDF, for example, by its unique personnel number and archives it in the correct file.

You can also view Payroll online. DocuWare automatically sends an email notification that contains a link to the payroll stub. This is password protected and does not allow other people to view this information. This pay stub can be downloaded and printed from here.

This ease of access helps businesses and employees in numerous ways: saves time, money and resources, increased accessibility and easier sharing of information without giving up security of personal details.