Konica Minolta Puts Universal Accessibility at the Forefront

May 4, 2017 | Published by

Konica Minolta is dedicated to helping every worker be productive, regardless of physical limitations. They focus on building user accessibility into every product created. From vision to product launch, products are developed from the ground up with universal design in mind. This means accessibility for anyone, regardless of age, gender, stature or special need.

For years, Konica Minolta designed products that are easy to reach, simple to control, and logical in design and convenience. Their usability has been tested with senior citizens and people who are wheelchair-enabled and vision-impaired.

Konica Minolta is committed to complying with the federal government technical standards for Section 508 (accessibility) by offering universal design for accessible document imaging and workplace management.

By combining universal design principles of accessibility and usability with innovations for simple handling and logical styling, Konica Minolta creates bizhub® multifunction printer functions and controls that make documents easier to handle, information easier to share and technology easier to manage.

The control panels are logical, with intuitive commands and dedicated keys for the most commonly used functions. Panels tilt for greater visibility from any angle. Paper drawers load from the front and the handles can be gripped either from the top or bottom, with a smooth action that requires very little effort.

If your vision is impaired or even if you are color blind, you’ll find the bizhub even more user-friendly because the bright orange and blue LEDs are more clearly visible and easier to perceive.

An “Enlarge Display” function that increases the point size of characters, buttons, and numbers that appear on your screen. This function presents a screen layout focused on commonly used functions, enabling a user who has difficulty viewing the regular screen to easily perform standard operations.

For employees who are vision-impaired or require voice-aided commands, Konica Minolta offers a Voice Guidance option that explains control screens, function keys and basic operations.